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Fanfold Paper
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Windows 7 Upgrade with Raid on D10



I'm planning on upgrading my D10 to Windows 7 from Vista 64.  I have a question about the LSI and Intel Raid drivers. I do not currently have raid enabled so I assume I need to install the drivers. I think I read that the Intel controller drivers are built in to Windows 7.  Is this true?  What about the LSI controller drivers? Also true?  If I need to do the F6 installation of the drivers, which versions should I use?  I can't find any Windows 7 drivers on the Lenovo support site, are the Vista drivers ok? 


Sorry if these are noob questions.  This is my first attempt at setting up raid.  If anybody else has done this already, any tips?


Thanks in advance



Lenovo Staff
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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade with Raid on D10

Safest bet is to check the Lenovo driver website first to see if there are specific win7 drivers available for the controller you're trying to install (i.e. LSI).  If drivers exist, then download them just to be sure. 


If there are no win7 drivers listed, you should still be able to boot to the win7 install disc and get to the part where it asks you to pick the destination drive.  If I recall correctly, you can get t that particular screen without blowing away the original drive.  At that point, you'll know if the driver is native or not and whether you'll need to provide the driver yourself (i.e. no drives show up, then you need a driver).


If I had to guess, since LSI has a pretty significant marketshare when it comes to SCSI/SAS applications, I would guess they submitted their driver to be picked up in the core.  But without checking for myself, I can't say for sure.

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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade with Raid on D10

nakover - welcome to the forum!


i'm currently using the latest vista drivers from LSI.   neither they nor lenovo released any specific to win 7.


you'll need drivers for the LSI 1068E chipset.   they can be downloaded here.   just click on the 'support and downloads' tab.


you may also want to grab a copy of MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) while you're there.   it allows you to configure and monitor your RAID controller without having to boot into the controller BIOS.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade with Raid on D10


You may have to load the Intel RAID drivers prior to beginning the installation. Should you require additional assistance and guidance, Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Windows 7 Upgrade with Raid on D10



Thanks for your advice.


I'll be performing the upgrade this weekend and, hopefully, won't have to write back for recovery help.



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