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Posts: 1
Registered: ‎04-22-2012
Location: Miami,fl
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model S10 looses video on Hibernation

Many times now when restarting from hibernation I hear the drives but no video. When mometerialy hitting the power button the computer will shut down, do not have to hold it in. Cold reboot and all is well.using XP enterprise with all the latest updates.

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Registered: ‎11-23-2007
Location: United States
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Re: model S10 looses video on Hibernation

welcome to the forum!


what are your system specs?   please include video card, monitor, hard drive topography, components installed, and any peripherals attached to the system.


does the same issue happen when resuming from sleep or just from hibernation?

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Paper Tape
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎05-19-2012
Location: Idaho
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Re: model S10 looses video on Hibernation

[ Edited ]

I have an S10 that has weird video issues coming out of hibernation and sleep. I have a couple of different machines running Windows 7 64 bit that do odd things. They are all S10's with identical builds. At the moment I have a GTX 260 in a machine and it will come out of sleep fine 90% of the time except I will have to wake up the computer and then hit the keyboard a second time to wake up the monitors.


Latest Bios

Latest Drivers.


The other issue I have is when my other s10 goes to sleep, it will not wake up from sleep but instead go through a whole hibernation wake up sequence (which is much longer, etc).


These systems most definitely have issues with Windows 7, I'm unsure about XP since I have not used that in quite some time on these machines. I have a feeling it might also be the fact that I'm not using the original video cards that the machines shipped with, although I've tried a few different cards from Quadros to ATI's and get different weirdness with each.

Posts: 5,238
Solutions: 575
Registered: ‎11-23-2007
Location: United States
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Re: model S10 looses video on Hibernation

kmedeiros - welcome to the forum!


since you're using an untested and unsupported gaming card in a workstation, anything could be at fault here.   it could be the card itself, the drivers, or even leftover artifacts from old drivers affecting your current version.


are you waking the system using the power button?

ThinkStation C20      ThinkPad X1C · X220 · X60T · 600

Posts: 60
Registered: ‎01-06-2010
Location: Spokane, WA
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Re: model S10 looses video on Hibernation

kmedeiros - absolutely box stock my S10 has only ever hibernated or slept well when on XP Pro x32: W7 Pro x64 glitches routinely, usually ending up in a power button shutdown and restart


our family laptop (not Lenovo, sadly) hibernates and sleeps just fine on W7 Ultimate x64, which makes me tend toward the thinking that my issue with the S10 is some 3rd party software (or combinations thereof) so me-related, or that just maybe its designed to run and run and does that quite well Smiley Tongue


my solution is run 24/7/365: after all, the rice cooker in the kitchen uses twice as much juice as my S10 in a day and it seems happier when i don't shut it down every night

S10 - 642327A