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Paper Tape
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s30 cpu cooling

So on the intel website it slists the e5-1620v2 processor at a 70 c max temp but everytime i run a game for longer than 30 minutes im already above 70 c it stays between 71 and 76 but the cooling fan never goes above 1100 rpm or 35% from what rivetuner is showing

i was wondering if there are any other ways to cool the cpu i have tried to order the noctura NH-D9DX I4 3U cooler for the 2011 socket but i get a 0135 cpu fan failure even though the fan in the cooler spins, im just wondering if it is at all possible to upgrade the cooler 

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: s30 cpu cooling

I think you're misinterpeting the data from Intel's site.


The 70C number you're getting (from the Intel ARK site I'm guessing) is actually Tcase, or more accurately Tcasemax.  Tcase is the temperature measurement made at the heat spreader of the CPU.  It's not the same as the temps of the acutal cores.  Tjunction is the number that is usually tied to core temps, though it's actually calculated by a couple of factors as I recall.  There are some complicated algorithms going on to make sure your Tcase number and Tjunction numbers stay within spec.


I would venture to guess there's nothing wrong with your stock CPU cooler.  Other coolers might be able to provide better thermal performance or accoustic performance, but since they've not been validated on the system, there are other factors/issues that could be encountered, such as your 0135 fan error because BIOS is thinking the fan is not spinning correctly due to unexpected duty cycle.

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