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How To's and Solutions [ThinkSystem Servers] - 03 August 2020

2020-08-03, 5:36 AM

List of new tips published for ThinkSystem:


XCC may show ME error and Firmware BIOS (ROM) corruption after ME update - Lenovo ThinkSystem

RHEL8: Random kernel panic occurs when disabling selinux via selinux interface - Lenovo ThinkSystem

LXCA: Intermittent TypeError when editing storage ethernet address pool - Lenovo ThinkSystem

NIC adapter firmware update fails with LXCA - Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 (7X06)

NVME drive hot-add not supported in ESXi 7.0 - Lenovo ThinkSystem

Configuring boot options with Extended SR635/655 BIOS Pattern using LXCA configpatterns is not user friendly - Lenovo ThinkSystem SR635 and Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655

ThinkShield Edge Mobile Management: The "Forgot Password" and "Sign Up" buttons on the login page do not work - Lenovo ThinkSystem

When updating Broadcom 44T1370 adapter firmware, "duplicate MAC detected" may be reported, requiring reboot - Lenovo ThinkSystem

LXCA: Non-compliant alert remains on the Alert page after compliance status update - Lenovo ThinkSystem

ESXI 6.7U3: BIOS/UEFI firmware version is incorrect on management console - Lenovo ThinkSystem

The XCC Web Inventory page does not show all installed inventory after AC Power Cycle - Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950 (7X11, 7X12)

LXCA cannot deploy language slection - Lenovo ThinkSystem

LXCO: CMM warranty not displayed in the warranty page - Lenovo ThinkSystem

System fails to boot into RHEL8.1 with error message "exit_boot() failed! efi_main() failed!" - Lenovo ThinkSystem

Error message "legacy option ROM space allocation failure" during POST when installing a Mezz card and RAID card in legacy mode - Lenovo ThinkServer

Set User Password Passed pops up when setting an invalid TSM password under BIOS setup - Lenovo ThinkServer

UEFI firmware information incorrect when updated to Third Quarter 2020 release through LXCA - Lenovo ThinkSystem SR635 and Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655

Users need to load default settings twice to get the correct boot priority in legacy mode - Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650

Help information of "Mount Media file from network: 0 mounted" is displayed abnormally on XCC remote page - Lenovo ThinkSystem

Intel x722 10Gb SFP+ NIC port link flapping when connected to Cisco SX550 switch - Lenovo ThinkSystem

Wake on LAN (WOL) function does not work as expected on X710-DA2 ML2/X710-T2L OCP - Lenovo ThinkSystem

RDOC image may not be unmounted after LXCE performs disk secure erase for all Purley-based systems - Lenovo ThinkSystem

Redfish service may not be ready within required time after ac cycle for all Purley-based systems - Lenovo ThinkSystem

Deploying SLES15 sp2 operating system with ipv6 address via LXCA fails - Lenovo ThinkSystem

ThinkSystem SD650 and ConnectX-6 HDR SharedIO - Lenovo ThinkSystem and Lenovo Server

LXCA account security configuration is inconsistent with XCC - Lenovo ThinkSystem

Learned DNS Configuration in LXCA is inconsistent with XCC - Lenovo ThinkSystem 













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