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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo ThinkSystem Server ST250 (7Y45A00TEA) Free Choice of HDDs / SSDs?



I'm thinking of buying a Server "Lenovo ThinkSystem Server ST250 - Xeon E-2176G 16GB DVD±RW (7Y45A00TEA)".


It might be two stupid questions, but i want to be sure:


1. Can I use ANY Hard-Drive / SSD in this server or do I have to buy HDDs / SSDs, that are approved by Lenovo?
Why do I ask? On Fujitsu-Servers, the Support-Agents say, that the firmware of their server detects "other" HDDs / SSDs and might not let them work.
I bought 2 Enterprise-SSDs (Intel SSD DC S4500 960GB) and I would like to use them on a RAID1 running the System-Partition with Windows Server 2016


2. Is it possible to connect HDDs / SSDs to the hotswap-bay on the front without buying any trays or caddys?

Why do I ask? On Fujitsu-Servers, you can't. When the server is unboxed, there are only dummy-trays/-caddys on the front. If you want to install any "other" HDD / SSD you can't do it until you buy those trays/caddies. If you buy a HDD / SSD that is approved by Fujitsu, you get the drive together with a tray/caddie and just "click" it in.


If you could imagine, I'm not that happy with my Fujitsu-Server, I've bought before ;-)


I hope that Lenovo does it better. Can you please help me and answer my questions?


Thank you and sorry for bad english (not my native-language)




Lenovo Employee RichardWang
Lenovo Employee
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Re: Lenovo ThinkSystem Server ST250 (7Y45A00TEA) Free Choice of HDDs / SSDs?

Hi BWorld,

1. Supported HDD/SSDs . See for the ServerProven® list of supported options and part numbers for the server.

2. The HDD bay is designed suit for Lenovo proved HD/SSDs. You need to have HDD/SSD case to make it fixed and stable in the slot, otherwise the HDD/SSD will have weak connect to backplane connector. You can check with your local retailer for buying HDD/SSD case.


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