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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinksystem st550 Drive Trays



look what poped up on Ebay !!!


Finally!!! i can open the valve on selling lenovo servers!!

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Re: Thinksystem st550 Drive Trays

Actually that is 69Y5284 for older System X servers (G2HS trays), but it works also for new servers - kind of. New trays are quite different, but luckily old ones also fit well enough.

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Re: Thinksystem st550 Drive Trays

Do these older model caddy's work with the new ST250?

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Re: Thinksystem st550 Drive Trays

Good question... I am looking for the same 3.5" trays, but I found a tempoary workaround.


Move the fan inside the case away from the drive connector board.

Cut a long thin piece of cardboard, about 3/4" x 5" long and about 1/16" thick.

Lay the cardboard strip on the bottom of the case (where the tray would slide), then push the trayless drive into the case.

In the space the fan was covering, you can reach in and through the board (it has large square holes) and place the drives into the corresponding SATA connector while gently pushing them forward.

Replace the fan.

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Re: Thinksystem st550 Drive Trays

Buy this part number for 3,5" inch drives.

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