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Posts: 42
Registered: ‎10-18-2008
Location: Dubai, UAE
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Battery charge thresholds error? (Battery maintenance in Power Manager 2)

Power Manager 2 version 2.43 (W500, Vista Business 32bit)


In battery --> battery maintenance --> charge thresholds


I've got it set to custom (start charging when below 15%, stop charging at 100%).



But once it reaches 100%, it stays there and doesn't discharge at all. Unless I unplug the power cord, and then plug it back in when its under 15%. If I plug it in before it goes under 15%, then the percentage freezes, doesn't charge or discharge. Which sucks for when I have to go mobile...


Is something wrong? What is the point of the custom feature if I have to unplug it at 100, and replug it only when its below 15%?


What are the best thresholds to set for maximum battery life?


Can I just charge the battery to 100%, then remove the battery and use the power cord at my desk? How long will the battery remain at 100% when stored?


Hope someone can help...