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Have set up BB for a friend who has a Lenovo laptop running XP.

When the computer is booted up a dialogue box appears entitled Access Connections.
This contains the the following information:
Attempting to Connect: (Specific profile name)
Underneath this is Applying Wireless Settings then stop/close.

We have to close it quickly so that the Windows wireless connection can connect automatically.
I have removed the particular wireless profile from Network Connections so there is only the new and current connection there.  It seems to me that it is something to do with Lenovo trying to take over the wireless settings. Please can anyone tell me how to remedy the situation as it is interfering with Windows automatically connecting to the wireless network?


I would prefer to use Windows Wireless Configuration.





Access connections many great features and benefits, but may not be preferred by all users.


To temporarily disable Access Connection, you could:


Change the service "AcSvc" and set it to disabled in Windows as well as remove the registry key "AcWin7Hlpr" found under HKLM\Microsof\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run". I believe that should prevent AC from starting. Depending on your Windows version and version of AC the registry key might vary a bit. Under Win XP,  the name could be a bit different.


If you want to use the Windows Wireless Configuration I would recommend  uninstalling Access Connections. If you go into control panel and select add/remove programs, you can select Access Connections and uninstall. If you ever change you mind you can download Access Connections again from Lenovo and reinstall.


You can also delete all the profiles from Access Connections and turn off automatic location switching, but if you are not going to use Access Connections anyway it's better to uninstall i think.



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