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Lenovo Staff
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Having just finished making recovery media for the E520 I've just purchased for my daughter, I'm soon going to need to repeat the process for the other identical E520 I've just purchased for my other daughter.


I heard that the Windows 7 media is unique for each PC but during the creation of the recovery media, the process created 4 x DVD.


1. Bootable CD/DVD.
* Volume label: CD_ROM
* 305 MB

2. Recovery DVD 0.
* Volume label: RCD_AppCD0
* 3.62 GB

3. Recovery DVD 1.
* Volume label: RCD_AppCD1
* 4.04 GB

4. Recovery DVD 2.
* Volume label: RCD_AppCD2
* 1.22 GB


Do I need to make another complete set of 4 x CD/DVD or is only one of these unique for that PC hardware?


This is for a Thinkpad E520 (1143CTO) with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.



If the systems are really identical you don't really need to make another set as that one set you made will work. 

That said, you can always create extra copies in the event they are lost or misplaced.

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