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FN+F5 not working for Access Connections

by ‎12-20-2010 11:57 PM - edited ‎03-16-2011 11:24 PM (27,849 Views)


When pressing Fn + F5 the prompt to configure wireless is not working.


Please ensure the following


  • All drivers has been installed.
  • Power Management driver installed
  • Power Manager installed
  • System interface driver install
  • Hotkey driver installed
  • Access Connection installed

If you are unsure if your drivers are properly installed please go to support site and click on Option 3 for Lenovo Smart Downloading. It will then scan your laptop if you have all the drivers properly installed.


Once all drivers are installed do the following step.


  1. Click Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type '%ProgramFiles%\ThinkPad\ConnectUtilites\
  4. Search for AcFnF5.exe
  5. Double click on the file and you should be able to see the wireless configuration.
  6. Try doing Fn + F5 and see if it works.

If It doesn't then do the following step.

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type 'regedit'
  4. Click File
  5. Click Export
  6. Backup a copy of your registry before proceeding.
  8. Check if you have the following configuration in the particular path
  9. "Parameters"=""
    "File"="C:\\Program Files\\ThinkPad\\ConnectUtilities\\AcFnF5.exe"
  10. If it is not the same, edit it and save then reboot your laptop
  11. Fn + F5 should work now.

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What's DOS?


       I have recently bought Lenovo B570e, I later on found that fn+f5 and Fn+f6 is not working. I followed the instructions you mentioned in the article but i found that in program file i have no thinkpad folder , then I searched the file AcFnF5.exe, but it was also missing. In the Device Manager I have checked that all the drivers are installed.
kindly guide me more please.




I could have saved an hour if the article had mentioned that my Thinkpad (X60) had a hardware Wi-Fi slide switch on the bottom front edge! I'm guessing that the zipper on my padded sleeve I carry it in brushed against that switch and shut it off. Until I slid it to ON, none of these tricks did a thing! (& once I did, I sidn't need any of them!)