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Posts: 63
Registered: ‎11-17-2008
Location: Birmingham, AL
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Accepted Solution

Fingerprint Software / Password Manager

T61 / Windows Vista Ultimate


I do not use the password manager program or the fingerprint software/hardware.  Should I uninstall these or at lease remove them from startup?  Please advise.  



Retired Employee
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Registered: ‎07-17-2009
Location: Slovakia
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Re: Fingerprint Software / Password Manager


Password manager is a part of the applicaiton called  Client Security Solution <CSS>, so in case you want to delete it, then oyu need to delete this whole appcliation.

Basically if you are realy not interrested in all the functionality and features, that are offered by these apps, then feel free to delete, or deactivate them.


Please note, that when you delet Fingerprint software, then you will have in Device manager a yelow bang, that will be the missing driver for the Fingerprint.


In case you want to remoe it afterwards, just prior to the deletion of Fingerprint applicaiton go to:
%programfiles%\Lenovo Fingerprint Software

copy the whole folder called "DRIVERS" somewhere on the desktop or any other place.

And once FPR is deinstalled, instal lthe driver from this package. You can use the GUI provided by Device manager Smiley Wink


Hope this helps.



Posts: 63
Registered: ‎11-17-2008
Location: Birmingham, AL
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Re: Fingerprint Software / Password Manager


I did not realize that those programs were part of CSS.  Thank you for explaining that to me.  I have uninstalled CSS with no apparent ill effects.  If this is a valuable tool that I should take advantage of i'd appreciate someone teaching me.  Otherwise I will just leave it uninstalled. 


Thank you for your help.