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Is there a MBR repair toolkit for Windows 7 systems (USB or CD ISO) in order to restore F11 functionality (full screen) ? Besides obtaining the recovery disks from Lenovo, how else can a licensed copy of Microsoft Windows be obtained?


I am not interested in work-arounds such as editing the MBR using GRUB or any third-party utility. I am looking for the manufacturer's official resolution to this issue if such exists; nothing else. 


Note: With this option provided below, F11 functionality remains broken. It will not work for anyone wishing to recover the current OS (operating system) unless regular backups from which to recover from are made.


Make recovery disk before anything bad happens.



Download and install Lenovo OneKey Recovery for Windows 7 64-bit.


Lenovo OneKey Recovery for Microsoft Windows 7(64-bit) - Lenovo G550


Execute the program in the base WIN 7 installed previously. Select the OneKey Recovery option for the system to be rebooted into the recovery utility and restore the factory image from the hidden partition.

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lenovo g550 recovery password is not accepted, how do I delete or I override.


Thanks Szilvia