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Registered: ‎04-09-2010
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Re: Hotkeys not working

I don't even have to hit the Thinkvantage key to stop the service.  I am also frustrated.


I had another contace with Lenovo support.  They said:

"Apparently installing the Lenovo-supplied SW corrupted your registry."

"We are not allowed to address registry issues."  (Interesting since the Lenovo SW caused the problem.)

"Try installing a new video driver."

"If that does not work re-image your machine."


Talk about frustration!!

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Re: Hotkeys not working

please download debugview applycation from following link:
Once you download it then start it and try again to start the service once again.

The debugview applicaiton should capture at least something.

To reimage the system is one part, but this seems to be some issue with the dependency, that also needs to be started.
Make sure that at least these services are started:
- Lenovo Doze Mode Service (if it exists)
- Power Manager DBC Service
- Terminal Services
- ThinkPad PM Service
- Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache

Let me know any udpate, because as the service stops, then there must be some report, on what happened.


Posts: 13
Registered: ‎04-09-2010
Location: USA, GA, Atlanta
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Re: Hotkeys not working

DebugView did not capture anything.  All the services listed are running except ThinkPad PM Service.



What's DOS?
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Re: Hotkeys not working



I had the same problem and came here to look for answers. I didn't have the Power Manager installed, so I was missing the ThinkPad PM Service. After installing the Power Manager, "everything else" started to work again.


Thanks for the help!



Serial Port
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Re: Hotkeys not working

[ Edited ]

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I was having this problem, and I did not realize that this was solved here as here the whole time, even though I read this thread twice.


As freek254  mentioned, the ThinkPad PM Service was missing. This was my problem as well, except I thought it wasn't because the power toolbar was working.


I decided to do some dependency checking, but the services that were installed with the "hotkey features integration" showed none. But I was able to see it in command prompt. Using "sc qc tphksvc" I could see that the "IBMPMSVC" service was missing, which was google said was the "ThinkPad Powre Management Service," as mentioned by freek254 and Herik. Which was strange, because lenovo update didn't tell me I didn't have it. Well that turned out to be true, it was there, but the service wasn't installed ... a HUGE problem. So knowing that I already installed the Power Manager, I installed the Power Management Driver and now everything is fine.


tl;dr  Services wouldn't start, used "sc qc <servicename>" to see which dependencies were the problem. Installed missing dependency. win.


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