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How To Disable ThinkVantage Access Connections or Use Windows to Manage Wireless Connections


How do I disable "ThinkVantage Access Connections", so that I can use Windows to configure wireless?


Many Lenovo systems running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 shipped with the ThinkVantage Access Connections application. Some customers may have also manually installed Access Connections from the support site.  If wifi or wired ethernet connections are not functioning as expected, check device manager to ensure there are no driver issues, signified by yellow bangs (!) on these devices. Update drivers to correct if these are found.


Press FN+F5 to toggle wifi on / off.  If FN+F5 fails to bring up a control panel, ensure the Lenovo hot key drivers and Lenovo power management for your system have been installed. Check the knowledge base and the Lenovo support site for other network troubleshooting tips.  

If a conflict between Windows and Access Connections is suspected as the cause of problems, a customer may wish to uninstall Access Connections. This can be easily accomplished through the control panel -> Add / Remove programs under XP and Vista, or Control Panel -> Programs and Features under Windows 7. Prior to uninstalling, a customer may wish to temporarily disable Access Connections on subsequent boots by using the Microsoft Configuration tool in Windows.


  • Press the "Windows" key + the letter "R" on the keyboard.
  • A new window labelled "RUN" should appear. (See Illustration below)



  • Once the window appears; type the words "MSCONFIG" in the run field and click on the "OK" button or Press ENTER on the keyboard. 
  • A new window labelled "System Configurations" should appear. (See illustration below)


  • Once the window has appeared, Click on the "Startup" tab to list the "Startup" menu. (See illustration Below)


  • Once you are able to see the list, you will be able to see the options for "Access Connections" (Highlighted in yellow above.) Uncheck the "Access Connections" and Click on "OK".


Please note that this will stop Access Connections from running during system start up, however, it will still appear at the taskbar/system tray unless you disable it from appearing there.


You can do so by navigating to Options in Access Connections and uncheck the "Show ThinkVantage Access Connections status icon in task tray" and also "Show Access Connections Gauge in task bar".

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bobinlodi On 2015-09-04, 21:34 PM

If one has been using Access Connections they should be advised removing the program will also remove all of the configurations and passwords that might have been accumulated, and may have to re-enter them in Windows?

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