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How to access Hotkey settings?

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Started ‎08-19-2011 by
Modified ‎08-19-2011 by


Where do I find the Hotkey setup / configuration / options / preferences / etc?


I'm calling them hotkeys.  The ones that control volume, screen brightness, caps lock, etc and put that little black box on the screen.


My hotkeys work just fine.  I don't need any driver or update.


Months ago I found the configuration screen for them.  I could set the number of seconds it was on screen, color of the overlay box, etc.  How do I get to that configuration screen?



Win 7:

Right-click the desktop, choose Screen Resolution, choose Advanced, then go to the On-Screen Display tab.


Screen Resolution1.jpg




You'll be able to change the background and foreground color of the on screen display as well as how long it shoud fade off your screen display.

Screen Resolution2.jpg




Result of onScreen display settings:

Screen Resolution3.jpg

by butterbescotch on ‎10-21-2011 07:49 AM

Thanks for that.