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I want to change the Blue ThinkVantage button to launch some other program as I do not use the ThinkVantage Toolbox. How do I do that?



  1. Click Start
  2. In Start bar, search for "Regedit"
  3. Click File
  4. Click Export
  5. Save a copy of the registry before changing anything on the registry.
  6. Once that is done then follow step below.
    TP hotkey.JPG

  8. Change the values in the File and point it to the application you want to open using the Blue ThinkVantage button.
  9. Once you have put the path in, press OK to save
  10. Reboot then done.

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I believe this is assuming the ThinkPad Hotkey features that supports this button is installed. On the X230, when I installed the ThinkPad HotKey features, the button still does nothing. And, the color of the button is black, not blue. I'd like to get the button working. Any suggestions?


This workaround (on a T530, latest software updates).

I needed to make sure that the File string was without quotes, but also contained no spaces.

So to point it to Firefox I needed to use the old-school path:


Use command prompt and "dir /X" to check the short names of the folders you need to navigate through.

Thanks for the post