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1: Launch R & R from the thinkvantage folder in the start menu

2: At the bottom left launch advanced mode when that is open

3: On the right select set preferences a new window will open

4: From the drop down menu select USB external device then press the apply button & ok

5: If you have more than one partition on the USB another popup window will open

6 Select the partition you want the backup on press ok ( if more than one partition the backup partition
needs to be the active partition so its first to boot)

7: When the backup starts you will get a popup to create rescue media

8: Select yes the rescue media will make your external HDD bootable

9: Your backup is now under way


NOTE: if you use the create rescue media button from the backup window to create the media on your external HDD be sure the box is checked to DO NOT DESTROY EXISTING DATA

(This should be check by default but be sure to check as it will wipe out your hidden partition)

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I have seem to only see thinkvantage productivity center.  Is this the "folder" you mean?

The only option that I see is backup data, and there is no "advanced mode" button

to get the drop down preferences that lead to select external.

??  What am i missing?