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How to use System Update / ThinkVantage System Update


What is ThinkVantage System Update and what is it used for?



Over the years the Lenovo terminology or branding for System Update has changed.  Originally ThinkVantage System Update, and more recently referred to as just System Update, the functionality of the application remains the same - to evaluate the system and automatically install the latest BIOS, Drivers, and Lenovo provided utilities.


There are several ways to access the utility depending on model of Lenovo ThinkPad system.   You can always go to the start menu and type "system update" to find the applicaion.


Older ThinkPads


Older ThinkPads were equipped with a special blue, "ThinkVantage" button.  The following steps apply to these systems which are running the preloaded operating system.



  1. Press the "ThinkVantage" button (Blue button)
  2. Place mouse cursor on the "Maintanance" at Resource Center
  3. Select "Update my system"
  4. In 'ThinkVantage System Update" Welcome page, click Next
  5. Application will check for any updates available for your ThinkPad
  6. There will be 4 tabs available "Critical updates" / "Recommended updates" / "Optional updates" / "Extras" which will list down the updates available for your ThinkPad.
  7. Select the "Updates" which you would want the software to install and click Next
  8. TVSU would then download the drivers needed for your system.
  9. Remember to reboot your laptop when prompted to do so.

**It is a good practice reboot your laptop after updating any drivers or BIOS**


If you are unable to find "Maintanance" in the ThinkVantage - Resource Center, do download the ThinkVantage System Update via Link.


Newer ThinkPads


Lauch System update from the Windows Start menu, desktop icon.   If you have re-loaded your system with a fresh install of Windows, you will need to download System Update from the Lenovo support site by following this link. Select the version appropriate to your version of Windows.


Launch system update


System update 5.png



When System update runs, it automatically checks to see if the installed version needs an update.  This will only apply to copies already on your systems, as those downloaded directly will be the latest version.


updating system update.png


Once the update completes, system update will move on to checking for updates specific for your system.


system update searching.png


You will have an option to select which (of any) updates that it finds.  Updates are grouped as Critical, Recommended, and Optional....


You may check items you wish to install.  Note that some packages have dependencies upon others so if you have selected one with dependencies, it may prevent you from deselecting others that it will need. Select next, and continue along.  Selected updates will be installed and one or more reboots may be needed during the process, so be sure to save and close all other applications while running system update.


update tabs in system update.png

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copiousk On 2011-02-03, 0:22 AM

I just updated the ThinkVantage Productivity center and now when I run "Update my system" I receive an unhandled exception ('Tvsu.Egather.Exceptions.EgatherRuntimeException') occurred in Tvsukernel.exe [11104].


I then uninstalled ThinkVantage Productivity Center and reinstaleld and encountered exactly the same results.




vagslk On 2014-10-10, 10:06 AM

i get an error with not applicable packages found in the system. how can i resolve this? i had my motherboard changed in the waranty

machistmo On 2016-09-18, 13:11 PM

What about when you have updated the all the drivers that TVSU offers and then run WU and it finds 6 hardware updates for your device? What is the best course there?

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