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Lenovo Power Manager not only handles the Power Profiles and the battery icon on the taskbar however the Lenovo Power Manager may be used to change timers for the following.


  • Sleep timer
  • Hibernation timer
  • Monitor off timer
  • Shut down
  • Switch power plan
  • Change monitor brightness


Follow the step provided below to configure the Power Agendas in Lenovo Power Manager. Please ensure that the Lenovo Power Manager which is installed is the latest available from the Lenovo Support site


PM haf.JPG


  1. Open Power manager by clicking on the battery icon
  2. Click on "Advance" to change to "Advance" view
  3. Click on Power Agendas tab
  4. Click New to create the agenda you would prefer.
  5. You may set the Name of the agenda
  6. Set the Action of the profile
  7. Set idle timer
  8. Frequency of action
  9. When / Everyday / Time
  10. Notification is used to notify the user before the action is used.
  11. Press OK to save the Action


When the Action is going to be active a notification will pop up (depending on the timer which you set)


From the notification, you may choose to accept, add an hour to the timer or cancel the action.


PM timer.JPG

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