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On my ThinkCentre I have configured an administrator account and two user accounts.

The machine is running Lenovo Solution Center.

When working with the user accounts (no admin privileges) the LSC.EXE program keeps coming up and asking for the administrator password.


How do I prevent the prompt?


Earlier versions of Lenovo Solution Center ran under administrator level.  Newer versions should not require this, and this should be resolved by version 2.4.003 or later.


This version is now available for download here, and has beenintroduced as an automatic update through LSC during the summer of 2014.  If you have had had LSC installed, it should have auto-updated.  If you want to manually update or install a fresh copy, please use the link below.


For additional information on Lenovo Solution Center, visit the LSC page on the Lenovo Support site

Common Q & A for LSC can be found here

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Has this issue been resolved?  I have a new X1 Carbon for one of our Sales Team members; he's now constantly prompted to enter his Admin credentials, becasue of this lsc_cli.ext upate to make changes to his hard drive.  Our network users are not Admins of their laptops;  Can this constant prompt be removed?  Is the Lenovo Solution Center app really needed?

Thanks, Robin


Hi today the lenovo centre wouldn't let me update the hard drive update or run a scan as it came up with lsc.exe is missing - what is this? I then removed and tried to reinstall lenovo centre and I got error 2932. no installation now of the centre, can someone explain why this was working fine and now i can't even down load it


I've updated the KB today to update the download links as the links changed as we have updated our support site.  Apparantly, some of the redirects to the new pages stopped working.


Should be ok now!