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Lenovo Solution Center LSC not showing correct warranty for my system or battery


How can I have the Warranty infomormation updated so that it accurately reflects the new warranty.

I have plenty of information indicating the Warranty I have has been successfully upgraded/Updated/Extended however LSC still indicates only the base warranty.


I've also read comments in the forum where others have reported that LSC would not show any information?



There was an initial bug in LSC where extended warranty was not accurately shown and this was addressed in version 1.1.006.  Several changes to the functionality of warranty lookup have been implemented in different versions of LSC to address other considerations.


In some cases, the Lenovo Solution Center is displaying a message, “Unable to determine warranty”, for the System and displaying a message, “not available”, for the Battery. 


This could occur on any Lenovo system running Windows 7 or 8 and running LSC.


These will be solved in version 2.0.018 or higher of LSC.


Warranty status can be checked on the Lenovo support site at any time:


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rsbrux On 2014-02-20, 12:38 PM

I have an X230T, which I purchased direct from lenovo with a 3 yeaer warranty.  LSC has always shown only a one-year warranty.  This has been the case under Windows 7 (as delivered), Windows 8 (fresh installation) and now under Windows 8.1 (upgraded from Windows 8).  I am now running LSC 2.3.002.  How can I get it to display the correct warranty information?

Greywolf46 On 2015-08-26, 23:48 PM

Lenovo T530 running Win 7 Pro 64 bit.  Lenovo Solution Center 2.8.005, Revision 21092 installed by Lenovo Updates on 20/08/2015.

Since the update installed, I receive alerts in LSC indicating that LSC could not find my Product Registration Information and that LSC cannot get a response from the Warranty Server (Timeout).

I have tried re-registering the product on the Lenovo website and have received confirmation that the registration was successful.  I have also checked the warrantyy status on the Lenovo website and am able to confirm that there is warranty remaining.  I have checked the BIOS to ensure that the Model and Serial Number information is present there.

I have uninstalled Lenovo Solution Center, rebooted the system and re-installed Lenovo Solution Center.  However, the same two (2) alerts keep appearing.

A call to Lenovo Tech Support suggested uninstalling and re-installing the Lenovo Solution Center as a solution. Obviously, since that approach has already been tried, this does not appear to be a solution to the issue.

I'm hoping that it is a glitch with the latest version of LSC and that it will be resolved shortly.  The alerts are annoying.

If someone has another idea, I'm willing to entertain it.





JPeg17 On 2015-09-02, 16:12 PM

Hi! My daughter's new G50-80 is having similar issues with the warranty alerts: we just bought her laptop (late August 2015), and of course the warranty and registration show up correctly on the Lenovo site. The alert, however, is annoying. I guess I will set it to "never" for her, but this seems to be an old problem that is not yet fixed.

reef_runner On 2015-10-24, 16:14 PM

These problems have obviously been occurring since back in 2013, or earlier, with various Lenovo models.  It's obvious that Lenovo doesn't care about the problem, nor if we, as customers, are happy, annoyed, or mad.  If they haven't fixed a simple problem like this in over the last 2 years, I doubt they are going to fix it.  All they want is for you to go out and buy a new computer.  Their tech support can't even help, just a canned response (uninstall and reinstall LSC).  What really ticks me, is this is their problem, that they created, yet they continually send me messages that there is a problem with my warranty, because "their" warranty server can not be accessed.  Really ?


I suppose I should just chuck out my $1000+ computer and forget it.  Just go  out and spend another $1000+, and I'll probably have the very same problem.  This is inexcusable, so far as I'm concerned.  Doesn't seem to be the best way to maintain a customer base, but when you are the big gorilla, you get to step on people.


Yes.......I fed up with Lenovo ! 

Charlie_T440 On 2015-12-10, 6:12 AM

Releived, I am not alone! I am also facing the problem. Lenovo, you guys need to fix this now, perhaps we should start letting people know on Social Media, then we might get the fix?

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