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Lost backup history in ThinkVantage Rescue & Recovery 4.31

Hi all,


Using ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery 4.31 (advanced interface), I click "view all backups", then I get a pop-up error message saying "no backups found".  But I have done backups through TVR&R, starting with a base backup done in January or February, and three incremental images, the latest of which was done on 22 June 2012.  In fact, I remember last month, shortly after completing that latest backup, I opened up TVR&R and viewed the backup list to confirm completion.  I have never used the Delete Backups command, so I feel like the backup must still be present on my C: drive.  And also, I have not had any other problems with lost data. 


I don't need to restore from a backup right now, but I would kind of like to figure out what's happened here before I ever get to that point, i.e., can I depend on TVR&R.


Has anyone else experienced or have knowledge of this?  Any help you can give me is appreciated.

ThinkPad T420
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Re: Lost backup history in ThinkVantage Rescue & Recovery 4.31

[ Edited ]

Go into RnR, advanced, set schedule and settings.  Check where your backup location is. Did you uninstall/reinstall RnR lately? Go to control panel, programs and features, or similar and check for rnr install date. If you take back ups to LOCAL, your C drive, look in folder \RRbackups. You will have to change security to view this folder.  If you  uninstall RnR, it removes the \RRbackups folder on your C drive.  Also check folder \SWHARE,RR.log to verity the backups went to where you think they went to, Like June 2012, they went to my C drive.



You will have to set SHOW HIDDEN FOLDERS. Go to control panel, Folder optioins. view. You will see a selection to SHOW hidden files.