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Lost wireless connectivity on ThinkPad after updating productivity center

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Started ‎08-03-2011 by
Modified ‎08-03-2011 by


I updated the Thinkpad productivity center and then lost ability to connect wireless.  The line is fine tested OK with phones and Ipad.  This has to do with the Lenovo update I installed.   I use XP and when looking for wireless connection it says that it was disconnected and to use another program.  I am mobile and use many different WIFI spots. It looks like it is searching for my home Wifi spot. 


Deleted "Think Access connection" and re programmed the Think pad to use Microsoft  connectivity but no WIF spots are found, which is not correct.  What other Lenovo program might be interfering?  


This laptop was perfect before the Update.



This has been observed randomly on ThinkPads running XP after updates..  The fix was to go to device manager an uninstall the wifi (and if necessary wired) NIC driver.  Then hit update driver and let it reinstall.  Or just reboot and let Windows automatically reinstall the driver.


Somehow the linkages between the drives and the network software was broken and the reinstall fixed them.