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Posts: 20
Registered: ‎08-28-2009

Password Manager Fingerprint confirmation

Hi I have a T60p and have my current version of Password Manager is 3  (3.00.0006.00).

Originally when I accessed a login point, password manager would throw up a fingerprint prompt to confirm that I am the authorised user to complete the auto submission & login.


However now with auto fill & submission on it simply logs me straight in.  This is not good if I am away from my pc since it allows any Joe Bloggs to access the login point and get logged in. Effectively there is no fingerprint control with Password Manager, correct?


Has functionality changed for the worst or is there a setting I have not found which has been changed during software update?



Retired Employee
Posts: 1,591
Registered: ‎07-17-2009

Re: Password Manager Fingerprint confirmation


make it following way:
- open Password Manger <using GUI, or by pressing CRTL+Shift+B>

- right click the name, that you want to change and select Properties

- uncheck the option next to "Auto Fill-in"

Right now I'm also thinking of the fact, that when you click in this window the opiton "Customize Security policy" and by the option called "Protection frequency" you have selected "Once per boot" then this will act in the way, that it will ask you only one time for the finger print swipe and then you can open the applicaiton, or web browser and it will not ask you for the Fingerprint swipe, but it will automatically fill in the user name and password. If you reboot the system, then it will again ask you only one time for the finger and then it will fill it automatically.

In case you have it set to "Once per Boot", then change it to "Always" this should make it in the way, that it will allways ask you to swipe the finger.


Let me know, if this helps.



Posts: 20
Registered: ‎08-28-2009

Re: Password Manager Fingerprint confirmation

Hi, many thanks for time taken to reply, much appreciated:


However, I have tried the settings you suggets and to no avail.  It may be linked to my other question at url:


Any further help welcome.  Thanks