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Potential issues with "RapidDrive Advanced" software

In October 2011, Lenovo released and preloaded "RapidDrive Advanced" software to help users that have both an mSATA SSD and an internal HDD.  The software was designed to help users migrate their desktop, downloads, and library folders from the small mSATA SSD to the large HDD.  Unfortunately the software has some issues that may result in your files being moved to a removable device such as an eSATA or Ultrabay HDD.


At this time, Lenovo recommends uninstalling "RapidDrive Advanced" software to prevent possible unintended behavior of the application.


1.  To know whether RapidDrive Advanced is installed on your system, type "RapidDrive Advanced" into the start menu.  If it is not found, then the software is not installed and no further action is needed.


2.  To know whether RapidDrive Advanced has moved your desktop, downloads, and library folders, run "RapidDrive Advanced" from the start menu.  When the application loads, look at the right-hand panel under "Large capacity HDD drive".  If it says, "Your system is currently running in a reduced capacity mode", then RapidDrive Advanced has not yet activated and your system is at risk for potential future data loss.  Lenovo recommends to immediately uninstall RapidDrive Advanced following the instructions at the end of this article.


3.  If RapidDrive Advanced says "RapidDrive Advanced has automatically placed the following user libraries and folders on the HDD", then it means that your desktop, downloads, and libraries have been moved from your SSD to another device.  If you know where your files are, and you like the configuration changes that RapidDrive Advanced has made, then you may consider keeping it installed.  You are not at risk for potential data loss in this case.


To uninstall RapidDrive Advanced:

a.  open the control panel

b.  click on "Programs" and then "Uninstall a program"

c.  in the list of installed programs, click on "RapidDrive Advanced"

d.  click on the "Uninstall" button and follow the on-screen prompts to uninstall the software.


For more information, please refer to the following document on the support website:


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RubiconMan On 2012-05-26, 14:40 PM



Can anyone tell me when Lenovo might have the  RapidDrive Advanced Issue fixed? Tech support calls this an (RDA) Issue! This program came on my ThinkPad T520. Would love to get this re-installed. I had no issues with this program. I had a hard drive replacement and after re-formating hard drive with factory disk; they took this feature off the lenovo web site till they resolve this issue. Unfortunately; when they made my new factory disk, this feature was left off due to the issues everyone was having. I'm guessing; and this is only a guess, that people didn't know how to use this awesome program and it's main purpose. My T520 is top of the line and has the best features money can by for this T520 Series. It would be nice to get RDA installed back on my unit. Can someone tell me where I can get this program. Thanks...

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