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As reported by Izard here,  power manager can display pop up messages if a battery is in poor condition.  If the projected run times are way off why?  If my battery is in good condition, what should I do?





The power manager will present an advisory message if the battery is rated in poor condition, with a substantially degraded full charge capacity compared to original design capacity.  After the first time the message is displayed, it will be presented again after 30 days.


If the system has been in a suspended state, the power consumption is very low, and if a calculation is performed at this point, anomolous projected run times can be displayed as above.   Typically, the system will delay a min or more after resuming from a suspended state to allow the system to detect the normal power consumption levels and present a more accurate message.


Try upgrading to the latest version of power manager.  Visit and navigate to your family of system and download the version of PM appropriate for your OS.


If you wish to supress these messages, you can uncheck an option in the power manager on the battery maintenance sub-panel as shown below.




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