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What's DOS?
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Powermanager not saving custom settings

The updated version of PowerManager software for X200 Tablet has a bug - the "Lower Display Brightness" under "Idle Timers" does not save what is selected and always reverts back to the Lenovo default setting. This happens regardless when editing Lenovo's built in power schemes, or creating a completely new scheme.


It's just really annoying since I maybe working with the LCD at full brightness and at 1 minute idle, it goes dark. the only temporary work around is to set the lower display brightness to one step lower than the current brightness - either way, annoying and distracting to the people around


I have tried a full wip and restore, then installing the new version always results in the same behavior. The original powermanager saves your changes is it should.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Powermanager not saving custom settings

I've been having the same problem too with 1.54. In fact this has been going on with the last two versions of Power Manager.

Everytime I set the Lower Display Brightness when on battery, it changes back to 1 minute after I close the window.


T400 2764-CTO

Win XP, SP3

Power Manager 1.54

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Re: Powermanager not saving custom settings

[ Edited ]




I'm sure Lenovo is working hard on fixing their failed 1.5X series of defective Power Management updates (which now also require installing .NET Framework 3.0 ..... yuk).


Hopefully by v1.60 or v1.70 they will get it right so the Registry does not become corrupted by the PM update process itself.

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What's DOS?
Posts: 3
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Re: Powermanager not saving custom settings

Yes, soon hopefully - apart from that, the X200t has been a wonderful laptop to work with; very satisfied so far.

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Re: Powermanager not saving custom settings

Hello Makito,


which version of power manager do you use?


1.52 or 1.54?

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What's DOS?
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎04-15-2009
Location: Canada
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Re: Powermanager not saving custom settings

I am currently using version 1.54; I had the same problem in 1.52 like 0001010 has mentioned. Haha, in reading your signature - I suppose that might be true in this case.


Version 1.51 also had a strange bug, if you changed the function of FN+F3 to turn off the backlight, then allowed the computer to timeout and goto sleep - upon wake up, one could no longer adjust the brightness until reboot. But I digress, I have not tried that again since running into that odd quirk in version 1.51