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Posts: 8
Registered: ‎11-29-2008
Location: Poland
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Accepted Solution

Product Recovery problem

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 My system: W500 with windows vista x64, and the story: in addition to windows I wanted to install ubuntu linux, before doing anything I've made product recovery discs, and a rescue disc - as advised on the linux forum. Windows disk manager didn't allow me to shrink C: drive by more than 1GB (from 221GB), so I've used GParted from ubuntu live cd. I was warned that it might make vista ubootable and it did, pressing ThinkVantage button at the start resulted in windows error message "Windows failed to start...", so I've booted from product recovery to restore working state of vista. Now the problem: after inserting second dvd and, comes a moment when it unpacks contents of (I believe) rescue files, to main partition, and then a message pops up:


Windows cannot verify the signature for this file. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or might be malicious software from an unknown source.


when processing file: sdrivebackup.swm. I've also booted the rescue cd but it only alow me to restore a premade backup of the system - which I don't have.

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Posts: 8
Registered: ‎11-29-2008
Location: Poland
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Re: Product Recovery problem

It turned out to be a hardware problem - processor or mainboard are faulty (memtest86 showed no errors, while prime95 can run for maximum 10 seconds without error).