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I've updated to R&R 4.5 on win 7 home premium and I constantly get the error of "R&R is unable to back the file .... because it is either in use by another application or corrupted". I have 3 options to choose from "Retry", "Skip" and "cancel". there's no open application. computer is just rebooted. this is the first back up on R&R 4.5 on an external USB drive, which is just formatted and empty with 150GB. My thinkpad hard is 160GB with 59GB of free space.


When I select "Retry" the file is being backed up instantly but will hit another one constantly.


R&R 4.3 was working just fine before.





This situation is most likely caused by an installed anti-virus software.


Try disabling the AV software while you are making a backup.

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I can not back up on my Lenovo "Rescue and Recovery", as I get a pop up saying:


"The last back up of this system included the following drives:



Your system is currently backing up these driveletters:



Please set the drive letters as they were previously and retry the back-up.

You may need to exclude partitions created since the last back-up". 


I don't know what this means; nor what to do about it !  Help Please !