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Fanfold Paper
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R&R Recovery Left XP Inoperable

Hi. I have run into an issue trying to restore a backup. Here are my system details:

 - T500

 - Windows XP

 - R&R 4.2


 I made a backup of my system to the server at my work. No issues occured during this. I was using my computer while it was backing up.


Today I tried doing a full restore of this backup. The restore process completed successfully, but when Windows boots it reports an "lsass.exe" fault: "Security Accounts Manager initialization failed because of the following error: A device attached to the system is not functioning."


There have been no hardware changes, other than I added a partition. To ensure the partition thing was not the issue, I deleted all my partitions (except for the Lenovo service one) and allowed R&R to do as it pleased.


I have done some searching for this related error, and the common reported cause is that the Security Accounts Manager (SAM) file is corrupt or missing.


I tried booting with "the last known good hardware configuration," which then caused a different error to come up, also by lsass.exe: "When trying to update a password the return status indicates that the value provided as the current password is not correct."


So, my question has two parts: How can I get my PC working again without having to reinstall all my software, and, how reliable is R&R? I have used Norton Ghost in the past and have had no issues doing similar backup/recovery processes. The company I work for has been using R&R for making backups, but as my luck would have it, I've been the first one to attempt to restore from a backup.





Fanfold Paper
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎11-03-2008
Location: Canada
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Re: R&R Recovery Left XP Inoperable

Whoa...after about 1.25 days, my PC is running again. I basically had to use another PC, with an external hard drive interface, to move the "sam" file from the repair folder to the working folder. This basically reset all the user accounts on the PC, but left the profiles intact. After rejoining the domain at my work, I was able to create a new account and reuse my old profile.


As part of the business I'm in, travelling is sometimes required. I am glad this happened while I was at the office! I'm thinking Norton Ghost is looking pretty good right now!



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