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Rescue & Recovery 4.5 backup reverts to local drive although 2nd HDD set as location




I have two hard drives. I installed Rescue and Recovery (R & R) 4.50 and set the second hard drive as the storage location.


The initial scheduled full back-up was done on my D: drive (I did not do so using Windows Task Scheduler.)

During the next incremental backup data was stored in my local drive instead of the second hard drive (which, as mentioned, was set as storage location). A full back-up was done to my C: drive (C:// RRBackups).

I tried to edit Task Scheduler to change folder TVT, task launchRnR, actions from:

start a program %R%/rrcmd.exe BACKUP location=L name=Scheduled scheduled
start a program %R%/rrcmd.exe BACKUP location=S name=Scheduled scheduled

I also changed% R to %RR but these did not solve the issue.


What can I do now?


As a workaround, you may want to edit the scheduled task to specify the correct backup location as follows:


location=L     <-- local (primary) HDD

location=S     <-- second HDD

location=U     <-- USB


Note that the above workaround applies to only R&R version 4.5.

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