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I have Rescue & Recovery 4.50.0025 installed on a Windows 7 32 bit T60p.


I created the rescue media on a CD via R&R but it appears to be created with 64-bit applications.


When I booted off the CD it gives me the Windows Loading Files progress bar and then stops with the following Windows Boot Manager error:


File: \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe

Status: 0xc000035a

Info: Attempting to load a 64-bit application, however this CPU is not compatible with 64-bit mode.


I know the T60p is not 64-bit compatible (that's why I've got 32-bit Windows 7 installed).  But it appears as if R&R has created Rescue Media with 64-bit applications.


Is this possible, or is there something else trying to load here ?


I also recreated the Resuce Media on a USB drive, and got the same issue.




Rescue and Recovery 4.5 uses a 64-bit recovery OS.  This is explained on the R&R 4.5 download page in the section "New in this release".


Only the T60p with the 64-bit processor is supported, but the download page doesn't say this.


One possible solution  is to uninstall R&R 4.5 and go back to the previous version 4.3, which uses 32-bit recovery OS:


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I apologize if this is not the best place to ask my question.


I would like to create recovery media for my lenovo thinkpad e560 with windows 7 64bit. Unfortunately I did not realize that this was to be done immediately upon receiving my new computer.  However, my understanding is that I shoudl be able to accomplish this anyway, somehow.


Using the Thinkvantage Tools and Create Recovery Media with a CD-R in the optical drive the process gets hung up at 5% and then 'fails.'  I have read that I might be able to copy or image the recovery partition but do not see how to do so. Another related question is whether I should be using USB rather than the optical drive.  I know that using the optical drive I need to start with a CD even if after that I switch to DVD.


Thank you for your help in advance, William