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Rescue and Recovery Backup to a Cloud


I believe I've found the system image that I took with Rescue and Recover at C:\RRbackups. I would now like to back this up using a cloud-based backup service. Is this the only folder I need?


Also, assuming my hard drive crashes, would the cloud backup of RRbackups and a set of recovery media be all that I need to restore my system once I've replaced the bad hard drive?


The Rescue and Recovery function is not a cloud backup/restore service.For cloud backup and restoration, other software is recommended.


To backup your system with Rescue and Recovery and store your files, you will need to take your backup to a USB drive, then image the drive and store the resulting image to a cloud.


The Rescue and Recovery function gives users the option to make the USB device bootable, for recovery purposes.  Then it will take the backup to the same USB device. Simply configure Rescue and Recovery to backup to your USB HDD and let it make the USB HDD bootable.  Then take a complete image of the USB HDD and store it in the cloud.  When it comes time to restore the backup, retrieve the image from the cloud, write the image back out to your USB HDD, and then boot the USB HDD and walk through the Rescue and Recovery restore wizard.


Do note that this is a recommendation as Rescue and Recovery is not designed to work this way. Do test out if backing up your system this way works first.

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