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What's DOS?
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Rescue and Recovery Question.

My boss bought a T420S and the order was screwed up, so a few months later they sent him a replacement laptop. In the mean time he has been backing up the system using R&R software. It seems to have backed up correctly, however when he goes to restore the back up to the new laptop R&R does not see the back up sets? The external drive is mounted and you can explore in windows and see those files. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get it to see the back up sets.

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Re: Rescue and Recovery Question.

Are you launching the restore from within Windows?  If so, R&R is probably using its local list of backups - which doesn't exist on the new machine.


Boot from R&R Rescue media - burn a CD with R&R if you don't have one.  That should (hopefully) let you browse to your backups.



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What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎10-28-2011
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Re: Rescue and Recovery Question.

Thanks I'll give that a try. I would think it would see the back up files on the external drive even if I couldn't run them.
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