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You notice that your hard disk is filling up and there is less and less free space on the drive, even though you have not installed that many programs recently.   Even after running tools like ccleaner, anticipated free space is not returned, and over time, you seem to lose more and more space.  You may receive messages that the drive is full.

You use the Rescue and Recovery (R&R) program to back backups on your drive.


The default backup settings in some versions of Rescue and Recovery may consume large amounts of disk space.



1. Click Start. Click "All Programs". Click "Thinkvantage". Click "Rescue and recovery option".
2. Select the Set schedule option and deselect schedule backup option.
3. Return to the home page of the utility and select Advanced option from the Menu Bar and chose the option to Delete backup.
4. Select and then delete the unnecessary backups to recover additional disk space.

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Hello - I have a 450GB hard drive with 20GB left.  R&R is turned off for now and older backups deleted. I can only account for about 150GB of used space.  I have calculated all files and OS useage including the hidden folders I know about.  Where is the rest of the space?  Are there large hidden partitions somewhere?  I hesitate to add another drive until I figure out where this one's space disappeared.


I don't see  Rescue and recovery option under Thinkvantage.

I see:

System Update

Client Securtiy System

System Migration Assistant

Thinkpad Configuration