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Paper Tape
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎01-06-2012
Location: Philly, USA
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SimpleTap/tablet Icon Request-Screen Rotation

I'd like to see a tile that helps with screen rotation.  It is a bit slow if you need to rotate your screen by 180 or 270 degrees by pushing the button on the front of the tablet multiple times.  Usually, if I'm pushing the button I'm needing to rotate 180 degrees(so the pen that sticks out is on the top rather than the bottom of the scren).  What I propose is a simple tile in Simple Tap that will help with this.  When clicked, 4 boxes should pop out around the icon (one on top, bottom, left and right).  The current position should be highlighted a different color.  And there should be some type of Asymmetrical picture of an object that rotates so you can tell what the orientation will be.  For 180 degree rotations, this is pretty obvious but at least I would probably mess up frequently going forward or back 90 degrees.  Even something as simple as a stick figure with head, arms and legs would help determine screen rotation and orientation.  The top position should be the orientation for when the laptop is in laptop mode.

Paper Tape
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎01-06-2012
Location: Philly, USA
0 Kudos

Re: SimpleTap/tablet Icon Request-Screen Rotation

I thought of one more way this could  be enhanced.  It would be nice if this screen orientation was also tied to the pushing of the screen rotation button.  Maybe a quick tap rotates once and a press and hold brings up the utility to change the screen rotation.