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Serial Port
Posts: 38
Registered: ‎05-03-2009
Location: Canada
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System Update 3.15 install hang on ExtractPsaddZip



I'm trying to install SU 3.15 from the decompressed archive setup.exe so it won't have to extract to a temp directory first but it keep hanging on ExtractpsaddZip. It's really annoying and to me it's really badly programmed; here's what I deducted so far.


I had the downloaded install package extracted to a specific location and ran the setup.exe.  During the installation the psaddZip archive is decompressed into a setup directory. But if you uninstall and install it again with that setup folder still there the setup hang at that extraction stage (which is VERY early on, no file's even been copied yet). If you terminate psaddZip.exe while the setup is hanging the installation progress on and finish fairly normally.  I ran this psaddZip program by itself and long behold it does stuck at a prompt of whether I want to overwrite the existing setup directory it created the first time I installed.


This is just my view but this seems to be really bad programming practices. Why can't the program just use the setup directory itself instead of having to decompress that part on the fly. 


I was hoping I could have the extracted installation on a disc and not having to have it extract to temp folder first but this just ruined that. Any solution to this? It turns out this psadd thing is shared by some other Lenovo program and I'm suspecting this kind of behaviour is also not unique to SU.



Lenovo Staff
Posts: 2,918
Registered: ‎10-29-2009
Location: NC
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Re: System Update 3.15 install hang on ExtractPsaddZip

I don't think there is any solution to that.  What's wrong with using a temp folder?  Lots of installers need temp space for a variety of reasons...

Serial Port
Posts: 38
Registered: ‎05-03-2009
Location: Canada
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Re: System Update 3.15 install hang on ExtractPsaddZip

I just don't like the fact the downloaded installer would extract everything to local destination and then "move" them over. 


I don't know if it's just me but I never run installation from the compressed package; I always let it extract out everything and delete the original compressed package and run the installation from the msi or setup.exe


So can you tell the software departments to perhaps write better installer for future edition so this kind of thing wouldn't happen? Because now I'll have to use the original compressed file to burn to disc and run from there. I don't even know if it will clean itself up from the temp folder once it finish. 20+mb is not a lot but it's just seem like a waste to have to extract it to the client system when the extracted file could be accessed already on disc but due to one little package the whole installation hangs. It doesn't seem like a good use of temp space.


But the point is: I can't run the SU installation in extracted form multiple time without having to manually delete each time the setup directory psaddZip.exe created (which I don't see the point of having such program compare to just leaving it as a extracted folder).


Oh well...I tried to read the install log for specfic instance of relating to this incident but it's too confusing of course.


But since if I delete the zip program the installer seem to work fine, I'm wondering is there any real value to having it there? Since it SEEMS to be the first thing the installer noticeably do couldn't I just first install the psadd setup folder (psainst?), then setup.exe without the zip program? Or is there something in between those step that would break? Just wondering. If there's a real need to have the setup folder extracted during the install progress then I'll just stick to using the downloaded compressed package.