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System Update doesn't work after System Board Replacement

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Started ‎06-05-2010 by
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System Update doesn't work after System Board Replacement



My T400 had system board replaced last summer and ever since I have not been able to get system update to work - have installed newest version and am running Vista Business 32bit. I checked the Bios which I had updated and no system serial number listed and I saw no model number - aparantly these were not updated when the board was replaced.   What do I need to do?



System update validates that it is running on Lenovo system and also draws model specific information from the model type and serial number fields stored in BIOS.  Based on this information, along with detection of installed OS, it is able to determine what updates are applicable to that system.


Replacement system boards must have this information updated based on the system they are installed into by the service provider - a depot or onsite technician, or a authorized service partner.


If a system has been serviced and the board replaced and these fields are blank, a customer should contact the servicer (Lenovo or partner) to have the information updated.