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Blue Screen Again
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TVSU - few question



I got T500 2082-BKU with win 7 64bit freshly installed from provided by Lenovo factory recovery dvds.


After I did full system factory recovery I disabled windows automatic updates and I had run TVSU. It listed some updates for the Thinkad as a machine and for Windows as a OS. I first did install the OS updates and I noticed that the TVSU says that there werent installed but when I check at windows updates history it lists them as installd succesfuly. After another search for the updates the TVSU doesnt list the OS updates any more.


The second issue is: why TVSU doesnt list updates for my exact system that are available on the lenovo driver website, I mean some Windows updates that are hmm lets say few months old ?


The third issue is: seems like there was update for TV Resuce and Recovery 4.31 for Windows 7 and why I cant see it listed at TVSU ? This is funny because today I run TVSU and it found Windows update (Windows 7 (64-bit) Update Module KB979903 (WW) - ThinkPad). It downladed it and says it didnt install it. But at windows update history it is listed as successfuly installed.




Please guys from Lenovo tell me whats going on with TVSU ? I dont mind that It opens very long or sometimes after i double click on it it displays a graphics and then grahpic dissapears and the program window doesnt appear even if I wait 10minutes ...


Be honest ... should I use TVSU or WIndows Update to get all recent and older updates for windows ?


Should I get by myself latetst drivers for my Thinkpad or keep on using TVSU ?


This is really iritaiting. I like the idea of TVSU but it doesnt seem to be working properly. I just want to have all requierd updates and latest drivers. How hard can it be ?


I experience this issues on Win 7 64bit machines -> T500, X200T and XP Pro X61s. They all act same, they all are freshly installed from the recovery dvds ...




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Re: TVSU - few question

on the R&R 4.31 sometimes you have to uninstall the old version before installing the new so TVSU does not show them & you should use win. update & TVSU you will only get a few win. updates with TVSU the ones that are for lenovo systems

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