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I have a new Edge 13". My question is about the taskbar - I cannot reduce the thickness to correspond to small icons and display the time only.  If I select small icons, they are small but occupy only the top half of the taskbar.  The time and the date are always visible on two lines. 


Can anyone show me how to make the taskbar thinner?  BTW, I know about unlocking the taskbar to adjust the taskbar thickness.  When unlock it, I can make the taskbar thicker but I'm trying to set it to the minimum thickness, no thicker than small icons and displaying the time only on a single line.


Many customers noted that the larger than standard ThinkVantage Toolbox icon increased the height of the toolbar and requested that Lenovo resize this.




Check to see if you have Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox installed - if so, you should have an icon like this next to the power manager icon on your toolbar.


LTT Toolbar.png




Update Toolbox to the latest version as later versions have the resized icon which will keep your toolbar at the minimal aspect height.











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