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I just installed Thin Installer on my Lenovo desktop and downloaded several drivers using the Update Retriever and these are stored in \\server\share.


I set the Thin Installer to look at this share. When I ran it it seems to look in this share and then says no packages applicable were found.


If I install system update and run it says there are a couple of drivers updates available. Why is this so?


I can see the update in the share that the system update picks up.


I also changed the system update to look at the server\share and it also says no packages available.



Check to  ensure that the package status in the Manage Repository mode is set correctly.


This is because the files downloaded from Manage Repository are set to 'Test' mode. These have to be changed to 'Active' status for Thin Installer to detect and 'see' them.


The following  covers information about Update Retriever and Thin Installer:

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