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ThinkVantage System Update - "There are no applicable packages found for your system"


When running TVSU, I am getting a system notification of "There are no applicable packages found for your system"


no package.JPG


This issue has occured at various times, and may more commonly occur when TVSU updates itself.  At the time this article was originally written, the symptom was noted by some customers after updating from version 4.01.0010.


After updating System Update, if no packages are found for your system, please try the following to uninstall and manually reinstall the current version of system update.



  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Programs and Features
  4. Select System Update
  5. Click Uninstall
  6. Reboot
  7. Download latest version of ThinkVantage System Update
  8. Install it and reboot
  9. Run ThinkVantage System Update and the list of updated drives will now populate correctly.

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ferjor On 2012-06-27, 21:37 PM

Im receiving the same message running System Update version 4.03.0012 on a Thinkpad T500 2056-4SU, how can I fix this?

andyP On 2013-10-26, 11:40 AM
diegomustto On 2013-11-19, 15:39 PM

I have a similar problem my lenovo thinkpad type 019653S. I installed the ThinkVantage System Update but when I run, out to use its interface but I can not use it

NateS On 2014-08-18, 0:34 AM
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vagslk On 2014-10-10, 10:03 AM

i have the same problem with my thinkpad 2 tablet. i had my motherboard changed. how can i find a solution?

please help

Mark_Lenovo On 2014-10-13, 12:05 PM

There are a few comments here that have come in over 3 years...


1) Please update to the latest version of TVSU appropriate for your version of operating system.  TVSU should update itself, but please check the reported version when TVSU starts up against the most recent version available to download on support.lenovo.com.  Uninstall, download the newer version, and re-install if it does not auto update and you have confirmed a newer version.


2) From time to time, there are issues with the TVSU catalog and updates may not be reported as available for a specific system.  Lenovo software teams do their best to ensure the update catalog is current for all supported models, but in the event that you find no updates for your system and believe this is in error, please manually check several of the principle driver versions in device manager and compare with the versions available for manual download on the support site for your model.  If later versions of drivers and BIOS are available on the support site, but not made available through TVSU, then use this feedback link to notify the e-support team so they may investigate.



3) If you have recently changed the system board in your system, or service has changed the board, and TVSU can no longer find updates, or reports an error detecting your system, please reboot and press F1 to enter BIOS.  (Note, you may need to shut and restart to enter BIOS).  In BIOS, check that the system model type and serial number are correctly displayed.  These should match the type and serial numbers on the sticker on the bottom of your system.  TVSU identifies correct updates by checking these values in BIOS.   When a system board is replaced, there is a service proceedure to update the type and serial number values in BIOS to match that of the new system.  If these are shown as blank, this was not performed, and is the reason TVSU is not detecting updates.  Please contact Lenovo service if this is the case.

vkeads On 2015-02-09, 3:27 AM

Downloaded 5.06.0027 of TVSU - ran Windows update, ran System Update - showed 2 Recommended and 4 Optional updates.  Selected 1 Recommended update.  Everything seemed to work.  Ran System Update a second time and get message - no Applicable Updates available.  This was the same message I was getting on 5.06.0024 of TVSU.  Why did this run once successfully and then not again when clearly there are updates available to download and install.

T-bot On 2015-03-10, 0:03 AM

I have a T430s - BIOS says 2352CTO which matches the bottom of my machine.


Neither SU4 nor SU5 say "no applicable updates found for your system".   If I try to upgrade to the most recent version, it doesn't install at all - says "wizard was interrupted".  I can only install older versions of SU5.


I had a MB replaced last year but the serial numbers were verified to be correct by a Lenovo tech both in person and on the phone. 


I haven't been able to download any updates in over a year.


I used the contact link above but doubt that will help.  Hoping there are other solutions out there.

chinhbui On 2015-08-03, 18:33 PM

After, I upgrade to windows 10 pro x86 (build 10240) from windows 8.1, ThinkVantage System Update running to 17% and I am getting a system notification of "There are no applicable packages found for your system". Thinkpad X201 Model: 3626CTO BIOS version: LENOVO 6QET70WW ThinkVantage System update version: 5.07.000 3 Help me, pls!

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