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Blue Screen Again
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎10-20-2009
Location: Hong Kong
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ThinkVantage Update 4.03 UNUSABLE

[ Edited ]

I updated the program earlier, from which it worked fine. Now it is returning a wrong machine type and model
yes TP-7W and 3 underscores which is obviously wrong and render the software totally unusable
My machine type is a X200t BTO (home user not business order), model 7448CTO, self upgraded to windows 7 pro

I have tried to reinstalled it and ran through the system requirements and changing the system non-unicode language back to EN-US, the problem persists


I know my machine model is bit off majority but please fully tested your software before releasing it
Would be grateful if there is a fix to this. Cat Indifferent

Retired Support Specialist
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Registered: ‎05-22-2012
Location: Hong Kong
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Re: ThinkVantage Update 4.03 UNUSABLE

Hi willie,


  We have tested on demo machine with machine type 7448CTO and returns positive result. Please try to re-install System Update and please check the serial number in BIOS.


ThinkVantage System Update 4.03



T61 + X201i