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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎04-17-2010
Location: Canada
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Unable to Startup Recovery by booting from USB flash drive created by Lenovo Toolbox 4.3

My knowledge is limited, so please detail as much as possible..


I Have a new T410. Windows7 Professional 64

When you press the button "Create Rescue Media" in Rescue and Recovery of "Lenovo Thinkvantage

toolbox 4.3" you are given the option to create on either a CD/DVD or an external USB/Flash Drive.

I successfully created and tested a DVD "Rescue and Recovery StartUp Disk". The computer uses it to

I Created what was supposedly a successful USB flash drive startup, but when I test it, I get a message ERROR UNABLE TO LOAD WINDOWS.  Am I doing anything wrong?


I am new to his, your Detailed help is sincerely appreciated.

Retired Employee
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Registered: ‎07-17-2009
Location: Slovakia
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Re: Unable to Startup Recovery by booting from USB flash drive created by Lenovo Toolbox 4.3

thank you for this post.

Can you describe, how exacty it looks when you try to boot into the USB HDD? I mean the exact steps, that you see on the screen.

I have seen similar situation and it was casused by the fact, in one situation by the fact, that the USB HDD was not formated as FAT32 and in second situation it was caused by a corrupted RnR Image deploy = the creation of the USB HDD was some issue.

So I would advice following:
- make sure, that the USB HDD is formated as FAT32 (NOT NTFS)
- format the USB HDD and tro the create the bootable USB HDD again