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Serial Port
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Registered: ‎04-16-2008
Location: Cashiers, NC, USA

Unable to install System update 3.14

R61 Thinkpad 8918-cto  running Vista w/service pak 2.  .net 3.5 service pak 1. BIOS is up to date.   I have tried repeatedly to install System Update 3.14 and it runs the intall until it is "starting services".  The install then aborts with the statement, "The wizard was interrupted before System Update could be completely installed.  Your system has not been modified.


I have uninstalled the old version, run a registry cleaner and have tried installing thru the Run command.  I have full administrative rights.  Have downloaded the program several times over the last couple of months to insure it wasn't a bad download.  Other Lenovo updates have installed. 


Any ideas out there?


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Re: Unable to install System update 3.14

try one of the following:
After you delete, or already deleted old TVSU, make sure, that it's gone also from the registry > HKLM\Software\Lenovo and also physicaly from %ProgramFiles%\Lenovo
If there is some file, delete it and try the installation again.
If this fails, or you already tested this one, go to next step

download Windows Installer CleanUp Utility from following link:

Run it and make sure all the System update parts and other "left" parts of System update, or any other application are gone and cleaned using this utility.

After this is done, reboot the machine and try to install TVSU again.

This situation seems to be prety the same, like I saw with Symantec Antivir and Nero. These situation were caused by the fact, that there was some rest of an unknown application, that was simply blocking the installation or full remove of ceratin applicaitons.

Seems strange, but let me know, if any of the above worked for you.


Serial Port
Posts: 19
Registered: ‎04-16-2008
Location: Cashiers, NC, USA

Re: Unable to install System update 3.14


Thanks for your suggestions.

Neither worked.  I did need to manually delete some files and the System update folder in \programfiles\lenovo.  The registry was clean.  The new install rolled back at the same point as before.


I downloaded and ran Windows Installer Cleanup utility, but it showed no system update in its list.


Next possible solution?



What's DOS?
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Re: Unable to install System update 3.14

I had this exact same problem and finally tracked it down to the fact that the TVT Scheduler process was disabled.  I set this to manual and re-run the installation... and it worked.