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Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎12-13-2009
Location: Germany
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Win 7 won't boot after installing R&R 4.3...urgent help needed!

Hi everyone,


I'd be really thankful if anyone could help me with this problem. I've got an R61i and I'm running Windows 7 Professional. Got all the latest drivers and I recently installed the new Lenovo Toolbox. After installing the toolbox it recommended that I install Rescue and Recovery 4.3, so I installed it. Then I did a backup on an external harddrive and protected it with a password. After all that was done I installed some new Windows Updates and restarted the Thinkpad for the first time after the backup. All of the sudden whenever Windows is booting it also loads R&R. I've tried different boot-up options with F12 on startup...nothing. I also tried to recover my last backup through R&R, but the password I entered to protect my backup won't work in R&R and so it freezes the app after 3 tries. I don't understand why R&R is loading in the first place...there's nothing wrong with my software. Can anyone please help? I urgently need my computer to finish off some uni work before tomorrow.





Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎12-13-2009
Location: Germany
0 Kudos

Re: Win 7 won't boot after installing R&R 4.3...urgent help needed!

Ok it seemed that my Windows partition was corrupted for some reason and since Lenovo hasn't come to publish a repair tool for Windows 7 yet I had no other choice than to boot from a Linux Live CD (Ubuntu). Backed up all my important files and then lay hands on the MBR myself...Anyways it worked so yeh, hope this helps anyone who's experienced the same problem until Lenovo makes that repair tool available