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Posts: 7
Registered: ‎08-11-2009
Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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X220 Tablet and SecureDoc

I am unable to boot the X220 Tablet after installing SecureDoc v. 5.1.  The SecureDoc Bootloader start to run, but then the screen goes blank and all activity stops.  I have disabled the PBA inthe Fingerprint security area of the BIOS but this did not work.  A Lenovo staff member, someotherguy, stated in a different thread that SecureDoc works with the X220 tablet.  I would like to know exactly how to get SecureDoc to work without bombing out.  I have several tablets that need to be encrypted.


Are there specific BIOS settings needed to allow SD to work?

What (if any) specific drivers are needed in addition to any BIOS settings?


BTW, I am using a custom image...Win 7 x64.  Nothing stock, i.e., no proprietary Lenovo drivers.




Lenovo Staff
Posts: 2,999
Registered: ‎10-29-2009
Location: NC
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Re: X220 Tablet and SecureDoc

I know for sure that SecureDoc 5.2 works on the X220, because I have deployed it myself and we have many customers using it also.  Whether 5.1 will work on that system, I have no idea.  I recommend calling WinMagic for support on their product.