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Punch Card
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Registered: ‎02-10-2010
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deleting old backups too slow

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I am using an external hard drive as backup media for RnR (T500) and as it is getting full am trying to delete some of the oldest backups. They are no longer useful since I have considerably modified the computer. However, for several hours now I am seeing the window "Pease wait while the backups are deleted" and at the same time disk spaee is actually decreasing instead of freed up, so far by about 80Gb. What will happen if I run out of disc space, and how long is this supposed to take? The oldest backup is about 60Gb.  I am considering a re-boot to get this to stop.

Lenovo Staff
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Re: deleting old backups too slow

Hi there.  You should be able to search for this answer, or else maybe someone can provide a link, but the short of it is that R&R backups are incremental.  this means that backup #2 builds on backup #1, etc.  So when you go to delete the old backups, they have to be merged into the newer backups, which can take a lot of time.  If this merge process didn't happen, then backup #2 could not be restored when backup #1 is deleted.


If you want to delete backups, my advice is to delete them all starting with the newest one first.  Then start over with a new backup.  The other option is to delete only the older ones which as you noticed can take a long time due to merging.