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stolen computers Sreial numbers? Is it any registry?



I have lost my computer - was stolen and I would like to add serial and type of them to any registry.


I have bought used Lenovo computer lately and I would like to check is it legal, I have called Lenovo, but they told me that they not collect this information, what should I do?


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Re: stolen computers Sreial numbers? Is it any registry?



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SInce it is already stolen only Police can help you. But as a general measure people can use softwares to tack them.
Tracking stolen laptop and knowing its whereabouts may give a chance to recover it.
You can use some of the free softwares to track laptops as well as phones.
You need to install it on your device... Read more about how to do this in the below article. [...] -for-free/

Hope This Helps

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Re: stolen computers Sreial numbers? Is it any registry?

They should track it if someone calls for support, warranty or parts for it.
I know Toshiba used to years ago when I working in an authorized service department.

I am surprised ThinkPads are not tracked if reported stolen by the actual owner.
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Re: stolen computers Sreial numbers? Is it any registry?


If you want to check if the laptop is not stolen, why not ask the seller to show the proof of purchase and match it against the laptop's serial number?
*Non Lenovo employee*

I have a Y2P (i5) ... Feel free to ping me if you want me to test some applications with your Y2P if you have the same model. I don't mind keep doing recovery on it if needed .... =)