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Token Ring
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Registered: ‎01-30-2012
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Accepted Solution

thinInstaller Not working

[ Edited ]

OK - I got thininstaller installed on a lenovo desktop (7515). I have downloaded a load of drivers using the Update Retriever and its stored in \\server\share.

I set the ThinInstaller to look at this share. when I run it it seems to look in this share and then says no packages applicable were found.

If I install system yupdate and run it says there a couple of drivers updates available. Any ideas why this isn't working...

I can see the update in the share that the system update picks up.


update: i changed teh system update to look at the server\share and it too says no packages available!!

Lenovo Staff
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Re: thinInstaller Not working

Did you change the package status in the manage repository -> update view?  When update retriever downloads them, they are set to "test".  You have to change them to "active" for thininstaller to see them.


Make sure you read through the chapters about Update Retriever and ThinInstaller in the deployment guide here: